MAN didn't realize how much of the Pine64 phone is up on their their twitter. Wish they had a blog to follow for this.

They've got renders and pictures now. Information on the hardware privacy switches and whatnot.

#gnu #linux #ethicalphone

@trashHeap Thank you for starting this thread. While I am getting a hang of things, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the PinePhone or any other device. I'll answer (during weekdays) to the best of my abilities. As a token of appreciation for the invitation, here is a picture I haven't shared elsewhere of the tri-section of the PinePhone Mockup. Enjoy.



Where can we find more info on the PinePhone?

@teknari UBPorts have a thread with information as it emerges about the end-user Phone:

@PINE64 @teknari > The $149 retail price is CONFIRMED as doable

This phone is suddenly much more interesting than I realized.
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