I have been following many of the larger web decentralization projects and I wanted to write down what Web 3.0 might look like.

Putting together my thoughts here without referring to specific underlying technologies. All the tech exists for what I write here, or it is coming online very shortly:

Wallets are going to be coming after the entire internet. They are the new browsers. The wallet wars will soon commence.

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@teknari Thanks for sharing this! It's the first article I see explaining the new web in a clear way for non techies.

@teknari I'm not deeply read on this stuff so explain it to me like the theoretical non-technical mom, what does this wallet concept allow me to do that I couldn't before? The answers to that for a web browser and a smartphone were immediately clear and appealing to laypeople, whereas I don't know what the equivalent answer is for this.


Thinking of writing a part II that will maybe address some of this.

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