Oh man. I want to live on a moon in a binary star system.
Been thinking about this for years, looks like it's possible!



Certainly life could move an live in a binary star system. Probably hard for life to evolve there.

The aesthetic fantasy of a sci-fi book cover.

@teknari "Probably hard for life to evolve there." why do you think?


Yeah, ya know, I don't think I have a good answer to that question. I suppose I put 'probably' in there because that is my gut feeling, but I don't think my gut is based on anything substantial.

Certainly if you look at the universe as a whole, it would be easier for life to evolve in a binary system than in intergalactic space, which is most of the universe. So in that sense my statement was absolutely false.

But as compared to a unary star system....



...My gut says that evolution might require longer periods of stability than tend to occur in binary systems.

@nff ...But that is why we use the tools of science, because our gut instincts suck.

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